Wednesday 12 September 2012

A big bloggy break!

Well well well, has it really been almost a month since we have written a post, how terrible of us, but Mum has been VERY busy lately, so we have lots and lots to tell you about...

It's been a very busy busy summer for us here and it has seemed to fly by, now its almost winter and the nights are drawing in so we have to go for walkies earlier in the day. Soon Mum says it will be so dark and cold we won't be able to go to the beach during the evenings, rubbish!

Lets start off with Dante, as some of you my know we have been having some trouble with his hips and back legs, he has been REALLY struggling lately, huffing and puffing on walks and just lying round the house- not his usual happy go lucky self.

. So last last month we took him for some more tests and X-Rays at the local vets. He was a very good boy and superbly behaved for the day he was away from us. But he did cry like a baby when we came back for him! Big Praise for the vets for being so kind and calming our concerns on the day. We recently changed to them from another less considerate vet and we wouldn't turn back.
Anyway, they were very kind to supply us with emails of Dante's hip and knee Xrays, with his right knee causing him the most pain.
 Along with his slight Dysplasia our poor Dantes has Arthritis in both knees and ligament damaged. Luckily thought the Vet wasn't too concern for him at the time being, so Dants is on a permanent course of Metacalm and limited to short walks for the time being. But the past few weeks he has been a very happy man indeed, the drugs must be working!

As for little Miss Daisy Boo, asides from Mum trimming her beard to within and inch of its life (then it growing back a mere week later) she has had a very uneventful few months.
Well, almost uneventful, as some of you may know Daisy Boo has serious issues with, well life. She is scared of alot of things, so Mum has been taking us ALL out for day trips, and we are surprisingly well behaved....most of the time. Here we are at the Lake District visitor centre, a very doggy friendly place, we were allowed everywhere but inside the restaurant. Here we are enjoying the information section!

As for Sampson, he has been to the vets for his own little trip! When Mum was at work one day, she got a  very scary call from home saying Sampson was on his way to the vets, he had collapsed and was very lethargic. So obviously she rushed from work and actually made it to the vets before he did! 
Turns out he had a very very high temperature and some kind of infection sicky, but after a week of strong antibiotics he was back to his usual pain in the butt self and Mum wouldn't have it any other way.

PLUS Mum had a sicky of her own, she is much better now but had to have a fair bit of time off work, so man o man have we had our hands full. But don't worry we always got out each day for our walkies, we sure do love love love our case you couldn't tell. 

We hope to catch up with everyone soon, we can't wait to see what we have missed!

The Gang

P.S We probably shouldn't say anything..but Mum drove 3 hours to see a Great Dane breeder the other week, wonder what that could mean?!...something about a brother or something...


  1. Daaaang what a time ya'll has had. I feel so bad fur poor Dante, he too young to be dealin' withs all dat. We'll be thinkin' of him.
    And uh, Sampson why you wanna go get sick and skeere your mom half to death? Well, I is glad you be back to bein' a pain in da butt...hehehe...just da way it should be.

    Oooooooooh anudder Dane...lemme knows when me and mum can start squealin'!!!!!!!

    PS: Your fotos sre phenomenal!

  2. Ooooops, glad your mom is doin' betters too.


  3. Man, you have been through the wars. We're happy everyone seems to be feeling better. Can't wait to see if you get a little brother (or sister).

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. Wow, you were BUSY!

    Glad to see everybody's come through unscathed, and with lovely pictures to show for it!

  5. Y'all have been so busy! Glad everyone's feeling better. OMD, you're getting a new minion?!?! Fab photos, as usual

  6. What fabby photos, that beach looks gorgeous. And ooooh, exciting, a puppy perhaps, can't wait to hear more on that :)

  7. Boy you guys have been having quite the time of it! I'm so glad that everyone is better now and that Dante's meds seem to be working for him. Love all your pics! A brother....really? How exciting! I can't wait to hear more on that! :)

  8. Poor...EVERYONE! So glad everyone's well again. :)
    Whisky was on Metacam for a little while when she had a slipped disc at her neck. Metacam works great but we are no longer able to get it locally (apparently some problem with the supplier). Thankfully Whisky doesn't need it anymore (paws crossed!). She takes Hyaflex for her arthritis and that we noticed a huge positive difference within a week after she started.
    Can't wait to meet your new brother / sister!

  9. Sorry to hear you have all been unwell, and an extra large hug for poor Dante, but good to see you all getting back to your normal selves. Love the photos, always great to see.

  10. We too are sorry to read that the gang has not been well. Healing paw to all. Anyways welcome back. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  11. Howdy Everybuddy, so good to hear from you. Paws crossed Dante will continue on with feeling better. That must have been very scary for Sampson and your family when he took ill. Glad that worked out ok too! Gentle hugs to Daisy Boo cause we want her to love life. Mum thinks your mum is fabulous taking all three of you out together. Rory still gets excited when he see other dogs but is getting better and better with each outing. See ya all soon. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory. P.S. Another brother????

  12. Hope Dante is doing ok! Hope that you guys get another member to the pack!!! Have a good one!

  13. Glad to hear you're getting better now - that sounds like a really bad time for you all. Beautiful photos your Mum has been taking of you - we love to see you enjoying your walks in that lovely scenery! Hope Daisy Boo can get happier with life - my sister Caoimhe became scared of everything when she got encephalitis after her vaccination but she's beginning to cope a bit better with things now. Hugs to all your family and look forward to hearing more news on the Great Dane story :-) woofs and licks from Magic xx

  14. Smile with Your Tail....
    Oh my!! I am glad that you are all well and healthy now!! ;)
    Another Great Dane? What....? ;op
    Love, Raelyn.... And Rose, my BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE "Mystery Dog"!!

  15. Wow, what a time you have had..glad everyone is back on the mend. Oh, a new brother?!?!? How fun would that be :) My Schatzie has severe arthritis in her hips, we've got her on Blue Buffalo food (for big dogs) cosequin plus and she gets a Adequan canine shot every 5 weeks. She is doing great...gone from whinning and crying when we would touch her hips to acting just like a young pup. (she's 6) I can hardly believe the change in her!! hope the meds continue to work.
    BTW...great photos :)

  16. Your photos are lovely -- what a beautiful beach!

    Sorry to hear about Dante and Sampson. Hope they're both feeling better.

    your pal,

  17. Glad everyone is on the mend! Can't wait to hear about your possibly new brother :)

  18. Hello there i'm Milo!!

    Glad to hear everyone is getting better!
    How exciting a ickle brother or sister!!!!!

    Milo :)

  19. OMG, this must has been a very stressy summer for you all!!
    But we are glad all of you are feeling better.

    We are just back online (Internet problems) and we look forward to know more about your mum's trip to the breeder (very intriguing...)

    Woofs of love.

    Echo & Link

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  21. You guys have been very busy! It's great that you guys are feeling better. Great pictures! :)

  22. Just found your blog, your dogs are beautiful!

  23. Goodness y'all have been through the ringer! So good to hear that everyone's doing better! :)
    Great photos of fun walkie-runnies :D

    Good to see y'all again!

    Waggin at ya,


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