Thursday 24 November 2011

A little update

Hey everyone, sorry for the complete lack of activity, mums been super busy the past few weeks so she hasn't had chance to read everyone's blogs yet. She promises she will catch up this weekend and maybe even post something fun for everyone to read.


Monday 7 November 2011

Just another weekend

Hello everyone :) 
Its getting colder and colder here now- I can't wait for my first winter, Dante and Daisy Boo say the snow is so much fun, but very cold. This weekend the weather was beautiful (which mum says we must make the most of,  because it being England and because its northern england, it rains ALOT! ) so we had some lovely walkies. 
Yesterday we went to our favourite beach (which is only 5mins from our house) which my mum loves so much because look at the view!

She goes to the beach so much she could name all the mountains, although we don't tend to notice them much, we are too busy doing this:

The water was freeeeeeeeeezing! The lake isn't very deep, we can run across all of it, so we all go silly and get the zoomies, which is good because its so cold we have to keep moving to stay warm :) The lake is nestled between the sand dunes which lead onto the beach, so there is lot of places for us to run around.
I do tend to pull silly faces when im boucing along, which my mum finds hilarious, I don't think so! :(

Weeee! heheh! Dante wasn't running around too much, he was too bust admiring the view (or looking at something interesting in the distance ;) )

Me and Daisy-Boo had a massive case of the zoomies,I think it was something to do with the cold water tickling our tummies.

I don't really run, I sort of 'bounce' which looks funny. Now mum is careful not to over exercise me, because us Danes grow so fast too much exercise at a young age can give us sore legs when we are older, so although i do spend alot of time on the lead being off the lead will teach me and give me new experiences I wouldn't have otherwise, so exercise in moderation.

I don't always run around like a nutter, look I stayed still for a whole 2 seconds before I was off again!

Daisy Boo looked the worst out of all of us look at the state of her hair!

Mum said it was then time to get out of the freezing water and head on over the sand dunes to the big beach. Before we did she tried to get a family shot of us, but Daisy Boo moved at last minute and we were to excited to get to the beach to wait for another one!

At least me and Dante look nice here :)
We were the on the beach, it was nearly empty here and the sun was slowly going down, so it was very very pretty. But the sand feels funny under out feet so we run round like nutters. So mum just sat now and let us have a good run together,

Me and Dante then had our usual wrestle, which got Dante COVERED in sand.....

...woopsie! Daisy was have a good blast along the sand chasing that silly thing called a ball again.

I wasn't too bothered about the ball, but I don't need any excuse to have a run! :D Being off the lead now and then helps me work on my recall (which is almost perfect I may add).

We were all so tired after our beach adventure that we slept all night. Well almost all night, it was Bonfire night here, which means loads of scary bang booms in the sky. Me and Dante weren't scared but Daisy Boo is terrified of them, so mum had to stay in rather than go see a display with her friends to keep Daisy Boo happy and not a scared cat!

Today we went to another of our favourite walkies, a big wood which is again 5 minutes from our house, mum says we are very lucky were will live with all the good walks on our doorstep!
She didn't take too many pictures, but there is a few of us frolicking in the autumn sunshine.

Spot the dog(s)!

We stayed very late at the woods today (well if you call 5 late!) but the clocks have gone back now and it gets darker earlier everyday, which is rubbish :( But the mountains looked very pretty as the sun was setting over them..

So all in all we had a very busy weekend, I just hope it will be as nice next time. Tonight we were knackered too, but I was awake enough to help with mums blog..although she said slobbering on the laptop wasn't much help :(

Till next time
Sampson, Daisy Boo and Dante