Monday 26 September 2011

Dusk at the beach

Now its getting to the end of September and the nights are drawing in we have less daylight to play with! :(
Mum took us to our favourite beach again and we have a lake to play in now :)

We had SO much fun, the zoomies in the fresh water were making us all silly.

See?! I'm getting fast enough to nearly catch Daisy Boo now, although mum says if I ran properly rather than bounce I might be faster. Hmph, what does she know? Bouncing is much more fun!

  Me and Dante had a good play in the water, although he was obsessed with his 'ball' again today, look at me trying to make him wrestle! He told me off again after a while, big grump.

See? There is  that stupid ball again, they just wanted to chase it around, I was far too busy bouncing.

HMPH! My reaction to that ball!

Mum always laughs at Daisy Boo when she gets wet because she looks so scruffy! I don't think she cared though, she even had some zoomies with me.

Catch me if you can!

Me and Daisy Boo had a good race round the sand dunes, Dante was too lazy and just sat watching us. I just think he was jealous he couldn't keep up with us both and didn't want to embarrass himself ;) The sun was going down so mum said we couldn't stay much longer but she took us down to the beach for one last run.
Remember the mountains that she said you could see on a nice day? Well they were out! It was very beautiful.

The beach was completely empty so mum said we can have an extra 10 minutes because we were being so good, me and Daisy Boo found a slipper and took it in turns running around with it! Mum was too busy getting pictures of the mountains to notice I had take a tissue from her pocket and I was shredding that all over the beach. She didn't mind too much, she was happy with the photos she got though, what do you think?

I was so tuckered out from my big walk that I fell asleep for aaaages, I only woke up when mum had dinner, she didnt give me any left overs though! :( She then made me pull silly faces in the camera box she has, I was trying to sleep and she was laughing at me, what a meanie. I forgave her though, I did get a supper of raw eggs, yum yum!

Till next time, Sampson xxx

Monday 19 September 2011

Walk on the beach

I don't plan on updating this blog daily but I'm just so excited because my mum decided to brave the horrible weather and take us to the beach! Luckily it stopped raining as we got there and the beach was empty so we had lots of space to run around!

My mum took this little black box thing she kept pointing at us where ever we went! She got a few good pictures though, we wouldn't stay still for long.

Weeeeee! :D
We love this beach because there is not only miles and miles of sand but there's a river and in the winter there is a big lake which freezes over, not to forget the sand dunes and the little woods right at the end. Its one of my favourite places.
On a clear day you can see across the bay to the mountains but because of the rain we only saw a little bit of them today.

But that didn't bother me I was far too busy showing my brother and sister how to run properly!

 Daisy Boo is still faster than me though, hmph! Hopefully not for long though! 

Almost got her!
Dante and Daisy Boo spent most of their time playing with this thing called a 'ball', mum or grandma throw it and they go silly chasing after it! I don't see what the fuss is about personally, I'd rather be exploring!

See how silly they look chasing that ball?
I did enjoy splashing in the tide, they say us Great Danes aren't supposed to like water but I can't get enough, I even went properly swimming last week. My mummy says its because my brother and sister are 'water dogs' so I want to copy them- I do not! Although they sure make the water look fun!

Mum was happy with all the pictures she took with the black box she brought with her and said we all looked very happy on all of them.  I don't see why we wouldn't be happy, what's better than a run on the beach with your best friends?

Release the hounds!!!!
Me and my 'zoomies'...what ever they are.
Daisy Boo doing what she does best!

Look at her! She is like a greyhound, i can't keep up :(

Oh! Now shes chasing me!!!
She does look cool though.

 I love to wrestle with Dante, but he seemed to bothered about that stupid ball!

Play with me!
Play with meeee!
No fair! :(
Then he goes and tells me off, so moody!

Mum was happy because she got some good shots of me, I normally bounce around like a loony and its hard to get a 'normal' photo of me, the cheek!
I do look a bit special here....

and here....
I do look extra dashing here though don't you think? 
After the beach mummy took us home and we had a tea of raw lamb and pasta! Yum yum! For an extra special treat she even gave us some bones to chew on. She then made us pose for one last photo.

Me now...compared to me in June....

Haven't I grown a lot in 3 months? Even mum was surprised.

Till next time