Sunday 24 June 2012

Mum is going away....and a Dante update

Hello Everyone!

Firstly a BIG thanks to all of you who asked about and gave Dante well wishes. He is still limping but has been to vets for another course of meds, which seem to take his pain away.

However, this does limit the amounts of walks he can go on, so to make life easier for him we have been taking out separately from the terrible two so he doesn't over exert himself. I just take him down to the beach for 20 mins so he can do a spot of his favourite past time - swimming!
Boy o boy does that dog love to swim! I take him to a different beach to our usual one, it has a sand bank which saves him stumbling over stones and rocks to reach the water. So Dants gets his walkies, then the other two are waiting patiently to get theirs.
He never seems worse on his legs for his swims, even though he has to be dragged away when its time to go home- thats part of the problem he over does it! Bwhaha!

The weather here in England has been awful lately, it has rained up here in Cumbria for 2 days straight which meant very soggy walkies! Ugh, but its clearing up again now so are walks are a lot less sodden!
But now, we have some news....Mum is leaving us and going on holiday...for  A WHOLE TEN DAYS!!!!

I mean we know she is entitled to a little R&R, but we think  that is a tad excessive don't you? She keeps babbling on about a place called Tenerife and saying how hot hot hot it is going to be. But where does that leave us?! Mum won't put us in kennels so Grandma is going to look after us instead. But how could she leave us for that long....totally unreasonable don't you think, what's wrong with relaxing at home? We are trying to make her feel bad for leaving by moping around and being grumpy bums but nothing is working, pah! Don't worry she keeps telling us she is actually going to miss us, that must be a good thing, right!?

We might  have to cause some trouble for her, heheh, but don't tell her we said that.
We will catch up with you all when she gets back!!

The Gang

Saturday 16 June 2012


Happy Friday Everyone!

Have a great weekend.


Sunday 10 June 2012

Red Sky

Happy Weekend everyone! 


Note from Mum: Sorry if I am so behind one commenting on your blogs, a lot is happening here, along with Dantes hips causing him alot of  jip lately. I'll have a lovely time catching up with them soon!