Monday 19 November 2012

Poochie Pack, Coffee with a Canine & Winter is a coming!

Hello Everyone!

We hope that everyone had a super duper weekend- it's just a terrible shame that they are so short. Thanks to for this post today.
Now we didn't get chance to blog about anything that happened over the week but we want to start by letting you all know we were asked to be featured on Coffee with a Canine, you can read our interview HERE!. So a very big thanks to Marshal for letting us be a part of their awesome bloggy :)

You may remember that last week we got a parcel, but after much hype from Mum, the parcel was for her and not for us- but we were in luck this week because a big van pulled up to our house, the man opened the back and pulled out an exciting looking box...which was for US! But Mum was expecting this parcel for a few days, but she never had the decency to let us know we had one coming..something about keeping a secret, but still very sneaky of her.
The parcel was from a lovely company who can send out the 'Pooch Pack' full of wonderful goodies for us dogs. Oooh, we were so excited we wanted to try everything at once! Me and Dante had our nose in it the moment Mum set it down. In case your wondering why on earth I am wearing that ridiculous hoody- I get a bit chilly in the house after our walk so mum puts it on me too keep me toasty and warm, so no-one laugh please! 

Dante & Daisy Boo are on a health kick and so are on diets (where as I need bulking up!)  so Mum was really pleased that these sweet potato & papaya treats were 100% natural- just de hydrated fruit and vegetables, so because it was a one off and it is low fat we all got to sample the treats.
 Dante was a big confused at first as to what they were- but they were delicious  and we ate them right up. Mum said not to tell anyone, but GOOD ENOUGH for humans, so Mum took a bite of the papaya, hehe. She said that is was quite tasty- but we could have the rest for later.

I mean you can't tell we were utterly loving them, can you!?

There we are also some scrumptious hand made cookies, that had oats and amazing peanut butter flavouring...I'm drooling just thinking about fact you can see some drool on the packet already, hehe. Mum was feeling generous so we all got one of these too...after she made us all 'wait' for them. 'Wait' means she will put something awesomely delicious in front of your face..then use her mind powers to stop you touching it..we are only allowed it when she says the release command 'okay'. Apparently NILIF...'nothing in life is free' so we have to actually work for our treats, so unfair! But these home-made cookies, were lovely...I kept bugging Mum for more, but who could say no to my puppy eyes?
There was also a funky looking ball thing, that we thought was a toy, but it was a cool poo bag holder called a 'Bagee'. Mum loves it, its really light weight and made out of squish plastic, so when it is empty you and just pop some new poo bags in the hole- a instant hit with us, Mum said she will get some pictures of it soon.
There was also...shampoo, to be used with the scary bath monster- eek! It is made from all natural ingredients  so there is no chemicals to irritate our skin, plus it does smell lovely...maybe we can be convinced into having a bath after all....

Also Bionic Biotic health mineral supplement  anything that keeps us fighting fit and healthy is always a bonus to us. Mum has been putting it in some natural yoghurt as part of our meals daily.
Finally a cool toy,with an awesome vanilla scent that also dispense treats called a Roxxter...but we have to figure out how we get them. Dante, who has the brain capacity of a bumble bee immediately gave up despite the promise of treats, Daisy Boo did figure it out eventually..but I figured it out immediately, then decided the toy was mine  and mine alone. So yes, it was a big hit, for a genius like me. 
We would totally recommend the Pooch pack to our friends- there are such wonderful goodies in them! 
Winter is drawing in- did you know it is only 37 sleeps to Christmas? I wonder what Santa Paws will be brining us this year, something yummy I hope. I just hope we don't have another Christmas photo shoot like last YEAR. Any way...we hope everyone is enjoying the last of Autumn before winter kicks in!

Have a great week everyone.


Thursday 8 November 2012

Book Review- Sad Tales for Me, Remembrance Day & a Catch up

Hello Everybody!
Mum has been a busy bee lately and firstly a big thanks to for this post today. but she told us that there was a big surprise for her(and us we hoped!) coming through the hole in the wall and at the weekend we heard a ‘thud’ at the door.  So naturally we had to inform Mum with a chorus of barks of this strange gift from the hole in the wall…but alas the parcel was not filled with delicious treats for us…well what on earth is going on Mum?
This doesn't look like edible goodies to me...but it does have a dog on it, so I suppose it can't be all that bad, can it?
Now Mum told me that a very nice company  sent  ‘us’ a wonderful book to read.  Now I don’t know about you..but I'm not too sure about doggies reading…Mum says we lack the brain capacity, or some nonsense like that. But me, as a lady doggy can read perfectly thank you very much. So after Mum read the book, I took it upon  my highly intellectual self to read and review this book on behalf of us doggy kin (okay so Mum helped me a bit with some big words)

Now the book 'Sad tale for me' is aptly called by the author -who I’d like to add is a doggy himself, an ‘bidography’ which Mum says is a play on words. It is written from the point of view of a little doggy, like our blog!- called James Barklee . It is written for little children humans (and grown ups too) with some wonderful illustrations of James Barklee and his adventures.
I like it because it really shows what life is like for a doggy in the eyes of a doggy to be precise,  plus I can relate because James is often in trouble because of his size and although he is an itty bitty doggy I can think of one doggy who get into trouble a lot because of his size, can you guess who it could be? BOL!

The book is a lovely read, if I do say so myself there is lots of nice little quotes, that I can really relate too, like this one: ''...because my family loves me; eccentric, individual me, just as I love them faults and all'' 
Sweet ins't it? The only problem is that the book is too short, I would have liked to read more.  Well done Mr James Barkele, your just like us, a typical doggy, with lots of doggy problems…but no matter how many naughty things you do, or how mad your family may seem they will always love you- no matter what!

Now you may wonder why I am wearing a poppy on my head. Yes I know it makes me look fabulous but there is reason behind it. It’s to commemorate Remembrance Day on the 11th November to remember all those who gave their lives in the call of duty. Mum says to be respectful we all have to wear one, Mum got these wonderful handmade ones from her Manager at work. I think we look the part!...even if the boys were a little bit reluctant to have flowers on them...
Finally- can you believe it is November already?  I don’t know about you but it is really really cold for this time of year, the mountains already have snow on them.  Dante is feeling the cold in his legs, so Mum made him these special ‘pants’  which she puts hot water bottles in (but not too hot!) so his hips don’t get cold and stiff…and although he looks stupid they keep Dants a happy Alamants! 
Mum also keeps saying it is only another week till our new playmate is due to be born..wonder what she is on about?! Have a great week everyone, remember it is nearly the weekend and you can all get up to lots of great adventures then, as long as it is not too cold. hehe.