Thursday 28 March 2013

Unseasonal Weather!

Hello Everyone!
Sorry if we fell of the face of the planet, we have been busy busy busy as usual. Mum just hasn't been able to update this blog. Has anyone seen Cumbria in the news lately? We have had an unseasonal amount of snow, which piled into huge snow drifts, which caused loads of problems on the roads and up the fells. It was very windy and oh so cold. So very very cold. Well for Mum anyway, us doggies we just love the snow. It is great to play in, or in our case made-to-pose-for-photos-in.

We had never seen snow as deep as this, for England it is a lot. So naturally we enjoyed every second of it! Funnily enough, when the snows around we go all deaf on Mum, not matter how loud she shouts us, we always just have to have one more run or roll in the snow before we go back to her, weird huh?
Baird is now 18 weeks old and 35kg/77lbs, as you can see from some of the photos, he still intermittently has the 10ft training leash on still. Mum says it could be called an unorthodox method of training Baird,but it lets him run free, with the lead giving Mum peace on mind. His recall is almost there, but not 100%, he doesn't run away but follows us around. he stays with 'the pack' but he hasn't learnt that not every doggy is as friendly as us. He will get there though-I hope, hehe. Baird is now much bigger than Daisy Boo and slightly taller than Dante, Mum says that it is easy to forget that he is still a puppy-just a really big one!

Dante was enouraged not to run like a loon in the snow drifts, Mum didn't want to add the extra stress to his legs- but that doesn't mean he didn't try. He felt the cold from the walks when he got back home, so he got some extra TLC and pick of the best spot on Mums memory foam mattress, hehe. 

Last year in March we had a heat wave of epic proportions, so hot everyone was in their summer gear-now there is snow everywhere, we sure hope Spring decides to show up soon. Oh and a big Happy Easter to everyone!

Tuesday 12 March 2013

16 weeks on...

Hello Everyone!
Anyone else looking forward to Spring? We have had another sprinkling of snow lately and it's getting rather boring for our taste- we want flowers to tear up- erm I mean sniff and nice warm grass to roll in! Baird is now 16 weeks old, Mum had him weighed last week when he was 15 weeks and he came in at a whopping 30kg, such a chunky bum. 
He has been in a strict regime of fun, eating, fun, sleeping, training, fun and most importantly socialising. The Baird has been shopping, out for meals, meeting sheep, children and his fear- big lorries! He is doing well, Mum took him and me up the Lake District a few weekends ago, and I hate to admit it but he was very very well behaved.
It is a very big puddle Mum!
We went to an indoor visitor centre on the shore of Winderemere (Englands biggest lake!) then into a town called Ambleside for tea.

Baird met some children who he loved- me not so much, Mum is working on my fear of little ones! He did a very good job of not having a little wee inside either, Mum was worried because sometimes he 'can't-hold-it-in', sorry to embarrass you bro! hehe. 

Don't worry Mum bought us a round of yummy buttery toast for being such good boys in the Cafe, especially as it was so busy and crowed. As well as socialising Mum has been finding more of a challenge now with all four of us out on the walks, we are general well behaved but the first few weeks Baird has been out with us we have been pushing our boundaries to see what we can get away with now. But Mum soon got us all listening to her!

'Sit stays' and 'lie stays' courtesy of Mum...and a bag full of hot dogs! hehe. But don't you worry, we have been getting in the usual R&R as always.

We hope everyone is okay and are looking forward to the warmer weather as much we are.


Saturday 2 March 2013

The Fantastic Four

Hello Everyone,
A short photo post today- don't worry we are still alive, honest! We will catch up with everyone soon.