Sunday 17 February 2013

Release the Baird!

Hello everyone!
First a very belated Valentine Day to our bloggy friends, we haven't been able to get online and spread some slobbery love! 
If you can recall our last post Mum was complaining about how she misses Summer, she can be so melodramatic sometimes. But the weather dogs bless us with snow again, boy oh boy do we love the snow! Mum says its weird, because in March last year the UK had a really big heat wave, and it was so hot all the humans wore or summer clothes and sandals- but this year its snowing, weird huh? The even weirder thing is that it snowed furiously for the morning, but by the afternoon it was all gone.

We sure do love the snow though- when ever we play in it Mum gets her camera machine and ruins our fun by making us look at it! Did you know that Baird is Mums first 'winter' puppy, the rest of us were born in April & May, so all our toilet & lead training took place in the glorious sunshine- poor Baird (and Mum) drew the short straw I think. Not that Baird seems to mind...

I also like to do my favourite snowy past time, catching snowballs! Well, I make Mum throw them, then I catch the snowy deliciousness and eat it! Best. Game. Ever!

Anyway, Baird has been to the V-E-T-S for his final vaccination, here in the UK us doggies only get 2- and his microchip. At 12 weeks he weighed in at 22.2kg (chunky monkey!) Mum informed me that he was a very brave boy! The little Fawn tornado has been getting slight cabin fever (or driving us mad) so the whole house couldn't wait for him to get out and blow off some steam.
Mum has been taking him out to different places before his vaccination, such as her friends houses, carrying him (until l he go too big!) into pet stores/the park and car rides. She says early socialisation is key, but she had to be careful with him as he wasn't properly immunised till his final jab. Eventually the time rolled around for his very first walk, our favourite place the beach. He was a very good boy, there were lots of new sights,sounds and smells for him to process. But I'll let the photos do the talking.
 Mum kept him on a 10ft long training lead until he fully knows his recall-better to be safe than sorry! Baird was only allowed on the beach for 15 minutes, it is important that growing doggies (especially us Giant breed doggies) don't over do it when we are exercising. Baird has been out by himself, with just one of us, for some lead training and for ice cream over the past few days!
Baird constantly looks at us for what to do- I do hope we teach him well. Sorry for the photo heavy post today, but we had lots to tell you about. Now we have made a new furrend here called Max and he is holding a contest on his blog. All you have to do is send his Mom a picture & story about yourself by the 1st of March and the winner will win an awesome secret prize! So get your tails over there and enter the AWESOME competition!

Have a great start to your week everyone.


Monday 11 February 2013


..summer? We hope it hurries back soon, we are awfully tired of being chilly all the time - or maybe we are just rubbish at handling the cold weather, hehe.


Thursday 7 February 2013

An update from Dante & then some

Hello Everyone!

Dante here-for a change, have you all noticed that Sampson seems to write all of these posts lately. It seems slightly unfair if you ask me, so I have commandeered today's post. Firstly, what do you all think of our new bloggy look? Mum decided that our bloggy needed a change- but personally I couldn't care less, he heh.
Now I know that a lot of you know about all my problems with my back end- or as Mum puts it ever so eloquently my- ahem- waggly butt

But as of late, I feel fantastic. I'm still slowly losing weight (and I have a lot more to go) but my legs have been less stiff and sore. My daily walks have increased to be much longer - sometimes 2 hours!, which even a few months ago would have been impossible for me- I just got too achy and sore. I have so much more energy, Mum often shouts at me to 'calm down' or 'Dante you will hurt your legs'- but I ignore her, I'm having way too much fun! 
I think that my recent good health is partly responsible from something I have been taking daily. I have been sent a package of supplements from the wonderful Vet Vits. It is a glucosamine supplement for your dog  and I have been taking them with my meals each day for a few weeks now, and Mum says she can certainly see the difference in me. They were posted to me in a super nifty little package. 

Now as wonderful as I am, I'm only a doggy, so Mum had to tell me what was in the tablets I am taking. There are a few wonderful things inside- one is called Glucosamine which some human people take to help with their arthritis too! Some special vitamins, like Vitamin E, which Mum says is an 'antioxidant'; (yeah I don't know what that is) but she says it can help with issues like mine. There are a few other things in those tiny little tablets to help keep us dogs healthier and happier! Inside the box are 240 tablets, I take 4 a day so they are going to last me quite a while before I make Mum buy me some more. 
They are also beefy flavoured so Mum can trick me into thinking they are treats-sneaky! I would recommend them to us doggies, especially us arthritic doggies.
 Mum still hasn't got round to telling you about our great time in the snow last month, I forgot how cold it can be. We have also been having a lot of play dates with Mum's friends gorgeous GS girl Sapphire, isn't she pretty? Sampson has taken a special shine to this lady- she is much to young for me, she is only a puppy still.

Baird is still being a joy to be around, I forget how much of a handful a puppy can be & I forgot how Dane puppies grow like weeds! He is now 11 weeks old, he will be going for his final vaccination at the V-E-T when he is 12 weeks, so soon he will be coming for little walks with us. I hope Mum doesn't expect me to puppy sit him! He has also developed a very unique way of having a drink. L-A-Z-Y, is what Mum calls it.

Sampson is doing a very good job in the role of big Dane brother, Baird is wearing his lead & collar because Mum was teaching him some manners in the garden. Mum taught us all how to walk nicely on the lead before we were even allowed out, but with Baird...
..he doesn't like it...

...he doesn't like being told what to do. Mum says that he is a very headstrong and stubborn pup- even more so than Sampson was- I've seen her pulling her hair out once or twice!