Sunday 29 April 2012

Happy Belated Birthday Sampson!

Hello Everyone!

So guess what? It was my very first birthday on Wednesday and Mum was too busy to blog about it on the day, can you believe that?! Pah! Luckily on the day she threw me a little party, complete with birthday hats and bandanna! No balloons unfortunately as Daisy Boo is scared of them, weirdo! She made a little video of me too!:

Anyway back to the party..

Mum was at work during the day so Grandma looked after us and baked me, well us, but they were for me first! Some Pupcakes topped with some extra special doggy friendly choccie. don't them look yum?

So when Mum got back home we had a Pupcake fiesta!..Dante try and look more enthusiastic please!
 So I got the first taste....tastes good Mum!
Yum yum yum....
After our cakes we went for another walk then Mum said I could go to the local petshop and pick out anything I wanted! Although she said no to a pet lizard!
 She had to make me wear this stupid hat too...
Hmm....this smells good....or whats up here?
 Yes, I would like Mr pig ball!
 How about some fish?
 What is in there?!!
Ok, I'm happy with the Pigball!
I did have a great day...I went to bed very happy. I have grown alot from this:
 My first hour on earth!
 Me at 3 weeks old, the first time Mum came to see me
 Then a few weeks later when I came to go to my forever home!
Love you Mum!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.


Tuesday 17 April 2012

Mums Got A Fancy New Camera

So, Mum is always photos of us and we are going to be honest she didn't have the best camera in the world and even used her phone half the time. But now she has a super duper camera called an ess el are. 'SLR' Sampson...Right thanks Dante- An SLR camera.
Now she has only had it a few days so she is using all the wrong settings but she has taking over 500 photos already! Calm down Mum, bol. So here is a few of what she has taken...(a very big photo dump from her!)
The day she got her camera she took me for a day out, incase your wondering why there is more of me! 
At the cafe Mum said that doggies should sit on the floor and not the chair....but Mum the floor was cold.
We went to a bakery, all those cakes smelt soooooo yummy.
She tried to take a photo of us on the mountain pass, but it was so windy I got the zoomies and wouldn't do a nice picture. Sorry Mum!
Since our day out she has been taking loads of photos of us, it is getting a bit annoying if you ask me!
Now Daisy Boo can catch...
Dante not so much...failure imminent. 
 Oh no..he can, go Dants!
 Wait...I'm not a bridge Daisy Boo!
 Nothing like a bit of bitey face in the wild garlic!
 OK gang...
 Turn left!
I've got a stick!!! 
 Us and Mum....
Although she is half  my size Daisy Boo still shows me who is boss... 

Have a great week everyone!

Big Slobbers