Wednesday 19 November 2014

Dog Health

Did you know that it is only 5 weeks until Christmas this year. Comes up quick doesn't it? This is the time of year that our humans eat, drink and be merry. They also seem get a big rounder round the edges too!
Being healthy and in shape is really important for humans,  but it is also incredibly important for us doggies too- a healthy dog will live a longer, better life than an unhealthy one.

Lets face it, us dogs love getting out into the great outdoors. Be it walking, running, swimming, jogging, chasing a ball, chasing squirrels etc; dogs just love to be out doing something and physical simulation contributes greatly to our over all health. BUT it is not the end all or be all of dog health, we need other things too.
Dogs need their a good work our for their minds as well as their bodies. You can do this in the shape of interactive toys, such as kongs and food puzzles. But training sessions are the main way to tire our big old brains out.
You can work on basic obedience or  learn new tricks in a few short (no more than 15 minutes a session) each day, bur remember to keep it enjoyable for both parties!

Parasites, Internal and External
Worms, fleas and ticks, YUCK! Make sure your humans keep your treatments up to date, the last thing we want are any of these disgusting little creatures.
First Aid 
Because life always has it's little emergencies it is good to be prepared with your very own dog first aid kit for those minor scrapes.
Joint health & Supplements 
Regular readers are probably well aware of Dante's constant joint pain and without his glucosamine supplements he would have a very poor quality of life indeed. Supplements can help dogs with all kinds of ailments and some just give them a healthy boost!
Teeth, eyes and ears 
They don't do doggy dentures, so it is important to keep our pearly whites gleaming! You can condition your dog to enjoy getting their teeth brushed, or there are plenty of alternatives such as chews or rope toys that promote good dental health. Similarly keeping your dogs ears and eyes clean of debris through the use of wipes gives you a very happy and healthy hound!


Saturday 15 November 2014

Happy Birthday Baird!

We love you to the moon and back.