Meet Dante

Hello Everyone!
My name is Dante, I was born on the 30th of May 2008 up on a farm in Carlilse in the UK and in case you haven't guess I am a 'Labradoodle'. But to be honest Mum has no idea what I actually am, she just calls me a 'good dog'. Which I am most of the time- honest!
I am the eldest of the pack and assume the roll of nanny, teacher and when I feel like the discipliner to my siblings. But at heart I am a big marshmellow dog who wants nothing more than a tummy tickle and good came of fetch. 
My Alias's are, but not limited to 'Dants', 'Dants Allamants', 'Fat n Waggly' and 'Big fuzzy man'. Seriously the names my family think of, its darn right embarassing.
Despite my young age I suffer terribly from Arthritis of the knees and hips along with hip dysplasia I often share how I manage my condition here.