Meet Daisy-Boo

Hello Everyone!

My name is Daisy Boo, but I also go by the names of 'Boo Boos', ' Lil Boos', 'Little Girl' and 'Thunder Thighs'. I am the middle child of the pack as it were. I was born down in Southampton in the UK on the 4th of April 2010 to a Labradoodle Momma and a black lab poppa. So I am classed as a 'Labradoodle' too.
I am the boss of the pack and keep my brothers in line, but put me in a situation with strangers or when there are scary noses, such as the hoover!-  I am a little shy violet. Some times when I am out on walkies I try to run as fast as I can, I must be part greyhound, or possibly part rocket!
Mum tries to help me with  my anxiety issues, so you will be able to read about those in the blog.

Daisy Boo