Sunday 30 June 2013

Here comes the sun...

Well it's official, its now Summer! Hooray!
We know we are rather, okay very  intermittent with our blogging, but life sure does keep us busy. The weather is heating up, well as hot as it gets for England, but it has been hot enough for Mum to invest in a paddling pool for us-it's erm a bit on the small side but it does the job!

Mum drops things in the bottom to see if we can pick them up, its like bobbing for apples, but eggs instead!

At least it keeps us cool on the hot days. Baird is sure getting big now, he is nearly 8 months old 50.6kg and nearly as big as Sampson, he is still a big clumsy puppy and is getting into all sorts of trouble! 
Hope everyone is having a great weekend and it is nice and sunny where you are!