Friday 30 December 2011

My trip to the V-E-T

Woof woof everyone!

I hope everyone is starting to recover from all the food we have eaten the past few weeks- Mum keeps complaining about how much she has eaten, but she isn't stopping. 

But me and Sampson had to go to the V-E-T (Daisy-Boo didn't need to go, humph!) I needed my annual booster injection-owie, and Mum took Sampson for a weight check.
He weighed in at 51.5 kg (114lbs) and he turned 8 months on Christmas day, he's a bit lankier than some Danes at his age, but we measured him at 35. 5"inches so he's got space to bulk out!

Anyway..the V-E-T told mum I was F-A-T and I have to go on a diet...which means no BARF food for me for a I'm on this prescription food..


and its rubbish!!! :( But Mum says once I've lost (lets face it ALOT ) of weight, I'm allowed back on my BARF diet. 
Along with my prescription food I get to do this thing called Hydrotherapy- which I LOVE! 
At first it was scary- Mum had to walk in and out of the big bath box with me to show me it wasn't scary, but then when I was a brave boy standing in the box by myself it started to fill up with water- like a bath!

Once I was happy in the bath box, something even scarier happened, the floor started MOVING! It was so strange, but mum was in front of me telling me I had to keep walking and it wouldn't be so frighting. 
But once I got the hang of it, I was loving it, I love water as it it and this was like a bath- but I was running in it.
The lady said I was such a good boy for adjusting to it so well. Now I'm on my diet (boo) I get to go to this Hydrotherapy EVERY WEEK. Yaaay!

Mum even made a video of my adventure!!
She couldn't embed it onto the blog so there's no thumbnail...but the link is here! -----> 

I'm so excited for next week. 


P.S Daisy Boo wanted to say Hi, she feels like she hasn't been mentioned lately (plus mum made her wear a stupid scarf!) 

Wednesday 28 December 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Do I look slightly rabid or is that just me?
Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas.
Love and Slobbers

Friday 16 December 2011

Snow snow and more snow!

Hey everyone, guess what? We had SNOW today, and its my first experience of it- I didn't understand what it  was a first, it was like rain- but worse! But Dante and Daisy Boo showed me how much fun it could be- they got the silly zoomies and started running round and round the garden, so I soon joined in :)
Mum came home for lunch early so we could have a good play in the garden before it got too cold again. She went camera crazy again-

Mum like the last one- I'm doing my silly "oh my gosh what is this white stuff its freezing dance" and Dante is pulling his "what is that spotty idiot doing face". The sun came out though and the snow started to go all slushy and wet. But that didn't stop us playing and having cold but wet fun- haha! Mum kept shouting at Dane because he was being silly and kept lying down in the snow- he must have been freezing, what a nutter.

Get up Dante you fool!

After our adventure in the garden we had a big bowl of hot tea each to warm us up because our poor feet felt like there were going to fall off! Grandma then took us for a biiiiig walk in the afternoon which was even more fun :)



Hope your all counting down to Christmas!


The Gang

Tuesday 13 December 2011

More Festive Joy

Ugh- more photo shoots for us, again complete with festive monstrosities.

Apart from one photo which I ruined (sorry Mum)...I do think we got a nice family photo, don't you think?

Hope everyone is counting down to Woofmas!

Festive Slobbers

Thursday 8 December 2011

Happy Dogmas!

FINALLY, we got mum to get her butt online and get bloggging again, shes blaming this thing called 'Chritsmas' for being so busy. We think shes just busy, but don't worry she has been reading all your posts, but she hasn't had time to write on them all yet :)

Anywaaaay...its nearly dogmas! Its my first one, although Dante and Daisy-Boo says its tonnes of fun, and we even get special treats on xmas day! To get me in the festive spirit Mum took me to a Christmas market all decked up in this stupidity!

Seriously, don't I look ridiculous? My red scrunchie is full of bells, so I even jingle like a reindeer when I walk. Lots of people where taking picture of me, which made me even more embarrased- humph, thanks mum!

Mum would have taken more pictures but it was so busy and she was concentrating on all the yummy food stalls there was that she forgot. She did dress Dante up when we got home, he was as impressed as I was...even Daisy Boo laughed at him!

We are going to make Mum use this thing more often, shes looking forward to reading all your Christmas adventures.