Sunday 28 April 2013

Sampson's Belated Birthday

Hello Everyone.
We must apologise for our impromptu blog break, and the fact we are so very far behind on reading everyone's posts, how very very rude of us. But life is keeping us busy little bees, well Mum for the most part. We have been suffering with a terrible chill in our house, the boiler machine which keeps us all toasty and warm and gives us warm water for the dreaded bath monster died on us a few months ago. Well a few weeks ago we finally got a new one..
Mum is clearly easily impressed.
Mum was ever so happy. It's a bit hot for us in the house now though, the heating is on all the time- I think we are melting! Time to shed our winter fur I think.
It was my birthday on the 25th, I turned 2 years old. I got special one on one walk with Mum, complete with stupid birthday attire. Yup, thats right that hat and badge where actually on me during our walk, made alot of people smile but I was ever so embarrassed. Cheers Mum!

I got to go on a play date with my lovely German Shepherd girlfriend Sapphire, we do love each other, heheh!
 We have so much to update everyone on, including the ever growing Baird has his shenanigans, watch this space.

Monday 8 April 2013

Bringing up Baird, 20 weeks later. Happy belated Birthday Boos!

Hello everyone!
Did you know that us Brits complain about the weather? and I mean complain all of the time. Mum says because its so varied, but I think that we just like complaining and are actually big grumpy guts. I mention this because if you can remember in our last post, it was snowing and it was so very cold! Now Spring weather has decided to show up and it is sort of warm, so Mum is complaining that is it warm now and poor Dante is struggling because Mum hasnt gotten round to shaving him yet. Okay, okay Mum doesn't want to trim his coat yet in case the cold snap comes back and he is freezing-bwhahah.  
Baird is still growing like a weed- he is 20 weeks old now, boy
3 o boy does time fly! Mum says he will be as big as me soon, she is joking right? I'm a bit scaredy of dogs that are similar sized to me, but don't tell anyone, maybe when Baird is bigger it will make me brave with big doggies? Baird has been having some one-on-one training with Mum when she can, he is still working on his recall and other basic commands. Such as 'look' which is eye contact, very useful for taking pictures hehehe! 

 He only does it for hotdogs, certainly not for Mum- hot dogs, okay?! He is currently going through that butt-higher-than-front-legs phase that Dane pups have, its pretty funny if you ask me. I went through it apparently, but I don't ever recall it happening.
Daisy Boo celebrated her 3rd birthday on Thursday, she got lots and lots of kisses and cuddles and a special trip to the beach with just her and Mum. It was also Mums birthday on the Friday but we don't care about that- joking Mum!