Sunday 7 October 2012

Our last 'Summer' Hike.

Here in the UK, there is a mythical phenomenon that supposedly comes around every year. This is called 'Summer'. Now we and Mum have only ever caught odd glimpses and days of this rare thing, but now Mum says that 'summer' is nearly over- did it really ever come?! Anyway, it turned out to be a glorious Saturday last weekend, so it was hike time!

Now Mum decided to go to this little lump of a fell called 'Gummers Howe'. It is not a very big walk, but it's good because you still get fantastic views for quite a short climb, only 1053ft above sea level- I mean just check out the view from the car park!

Mum decided, because you know I'm the best. Tell the truth Sampson! Ok Mum decided to take just me, because for one Dantes legs would have really hurt him to climb this far..and two Daisy Boo, loves sheep and cows, and by loves I mean will chase and loose all sense of hearing when Mum shouts at her- so because of that little Miss Boos had to stay at home (don't worry though her and Dante still got their daily walkies!). Annnyway, we parked the car and made our way to the footpath....this must be it.
As you can see I am looking very dapper in my fancy collar....I don't actually know why Mum made me wear it- suppose I have to look handsome for the sheep why might meet. Or any lady doggies, heheh.
I had to spend some of the walk on the lead and some of it off lead, Mum said something about being respectful to the wildlife and other walkers- pah! It's just to slow me down because Mum gets out of breath and I don't, in fact I can run circles around her. So we set off- it is a very varied walk for how short it is, only took us an hour or so, but the bottom is wooded, so it was lots of good sniff for me to follow.
After my forest related zoomies, where Mum spent the whole time screaming, WATCH OUT YOUR GOING TO HIT A TREE!...honestly so dramatic, we started our climb. I could see some mountains in the distance!
The walk up is steep in places but really easy peasy, well with four legs anyway. Mum said it was like I had a red bull or something because I was running rings round her on the way up. BUT she put me on the lead, because apparently I was being silly running around and there was a chance I might fall of the edge- but it doesn't look too steep, does it?
It gave us a chance to take it slow and admire the view, can't believe how clear it was- normally it is cloudy and rainy- or at least murky, but not on our hike! Down below is Lake Windermere- the longest lake in England, at 11 miles!
Mum said that we were only half way to the top and if we kept going the views were going to get even better. Plus I was being a good boy again (not running around like a loon) so Mum let me off lead again....on probation of course.
Considering it was a gorgeous day, we didn't see a soul on the way up to the summit- Mum said they must have seen my mad zoomies in the distance and scared them away, bwhaha! Mum then put my back on the lead, there was a big steep drop next to us, and just to be sure I didn't go 'adventuring' and get myself into trouble. 
 Oh but after that part of our walk I was SURE I could see the top, in fact, I could smell it. I wanted to run a head and make it before Mum, but she was grumpy and told me I had to stay by her side- in case there were any people or sheep up the top for me to scare.
But finally, we made it! Plus we found a whole load of people that made it up before us. We had no idea where they had come from! That big pile of rocks is called a 'Cairn' and it marks the summit of a mountain or hill. We had to wait for all the little children and grown ups to move before I could get a picture of me, and JUST me by it, hehe.
I just had to check out the view while we waited, plus all the people had to come say hi to me before they went on their way. Cue the 'you could ride that thing back down' and 'where's the saddle?' Mum laughs  but says those jokes got old a looooong time ago. But in the end we got one of me next to it.
Then of course we had the 'top-of-the-hill-obligatory-photo-shoot-which-takes-ages' which was a whole heap of boring standing around fun!

Me and Mum then sat and just spent a good 20 minutes starting at the view...I did get a few biscuits and a big drink of water to keep myself occupied. Along with the different mountains  we could see lots of boats on the lake, I couldn't see any ducks though!
 Mum said it was getting late and we better get ourselves home to feed my brother and sister, who would be missing us! So after a few more photos (ugh) we set off down the hill again. I didn't want to leave, I was having too much fun! But Mum promised me a big juicy chicken thigh if I was a good boy for the rest of the walk. 
Back down the steep steps we go, plus check me out- off lead. I was being a good boy, must be that bribery of a juicy bit of chicken.....I'm drooling thinking back about it now. 
 On the way back I found a nice fresh stream to drink from...refreshing, but really really COLD! Mum gave my ears and tummy a splash with water too, just to help me cool down a bit because I was panting a lot (and drooling too according to Mum!)

 When we made it back to the car I had another big drink of water and a big pat on the back for being a very well behaved boy (most of the time) on our hike. 

It took me ten seconds flat from being buckled in the car to falling asleep, I was very very very sleepy! I did manage to wake up for my tea though, hehe. Hope you enjoyed our walk with me, also don't worry Dante and Daisy Boo will be in the next post!



  1. What a beautiful hike!

    Stop on by for a visit

  2. That was one very wonderful time for you and Mom, Sampson. The sights were beautiful and your Mom gets such awesome photos. The ones of you in particular are just so good.

    As for summer, we would have been very happy to send you ours - it was way too hot for way too long.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. You are such a handsome boy! The pictures from your hike are gorgeous! We're glad you got to enjoy at least one last "summer" hike! :)

  4. You were soooooooo lucky! That sure is a beautiful place to explore and do zoomies in. We hope your Autumn is reasonably dry so you can enjoy more hikes before winter sets in.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. Oh my goodness!!! What a great hike. It is so beautiful. And my MOM just loves seeing pictures of you.

  6. Oh what a pawesome hike you went on with your human the views where stunning. You look like you did pawesome zoomies and loved all new smells there where. The photo's where fantastic and really showed the fun you had on your last summer hike. From Milo & Jet

  7. What a lovely hike with such beautiful sceneries! Those pictures of you at the top of the hill are really beautiful.

    I went hiking up the hill with Mommy and Daddy once and Mommy kept wondering why I kept "dancing". When she took a closer look, she discovered those awful red bitey ants all over my short little legs. They rushed me to a nearby stream and soaked me in it while trying frantically to remove as many of those ants as possible which was pretty difficult since my fur is very long...what an adventure that was.

    Love, Whisky

  8. All your walks are so beautiful. Looking at the pictures makes Mum want to put on her hiking boots and go somewhere for a good walk.
    LOL, Sampson drinking his water.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  9. Good to see you mate! That looks like a fantastic walk.... I think I would have been knackered! Deccy x

  10. What STUNNING fotos!!!!! I would have so been withs Daisy Boo on dis...chasin' da sheeps. I bet it was nice to has your mom all to yourself furs a little while.


  11. The last pic is great. Have a lovely Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  12. Wow - brilliant hike and such lovely photos of the scenery and you Sampson! Not sure I could have managed all that climbing but then my legs are a bit smaller :-) Look forward to hearing about you and Dante and Daisy Boo soon - woofs and licks from Magic xx

  13. Lovely lovely lovely. Sooooo lucky to live near to that scenery.
    Happy dogs :)

  14. Beautiful "last walk" of summer! Really!! Do you know Tucker? If not, you should. Here's his link:

    -Bart and Ruby

  15. Howdy Sampson, that was a really fabulous walk. The views were amazing at the top, well worth the walk. Didn't look like you got puffed out though hehe. Sometimes it's nice to have some one on one time with your mum too. The photos were fabulous. Thanks for sharing mate. We are heading towards our Summer and you can bet that we WILL know when it's here! No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  16. OMD, those photos are just gorgeous !! The view is breathtaking. How lucky you are, Sampson ! We are so jealous because where we moved, there is no moutain or hill, it's flat all around...

    Woos of love.

    Echo & Link

    P.s : we change our blog adress (and design... and host... lol) so now, you can visit us at

  17. Loved reading this, great photos of such a beautiful place, and of course the ever handsome Sampson.

  18. Um Sampson, why is you being sold?? *worried ears*

  19. What a gorgeous place to get to do your zoomies Sampson! That is so special that you and your Momma spent time with just the two of you. :)


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