Wednesday 23 January 2013

Meet Baird

Hello Everyone!
As of the 12th of January our pack had been increased by one. This little fellow is Baird.
As you can probably guess he is a fawn Great Dane from some superb breeders across the country from us. Now don't let those eyes fool you, he is a total handful. He has yet to learn that he can't play 'bitey face' games with us all the time and that he needs to leave us alone when we are sleeping. Besides that he is a joy!
Mum took a 7 hour round trip to go get him when he was 8 weeks old-and she said he was such a gentleman in the car. He slept the whole way back, apart from when Mum stopped at the motorway services to get some diesel and came back to him sitting up wondering what was going on!
Where'd you go?!
After the little one had got home, gone 'toilets' outside (he held in it the whole journey back- Mum and her car where relieved!) and settle in, we were introduced to him! Dante and Daisy have seen puppies before, Dante simply put Baird in his place and then wanted to play, so did Daisy Boo..but as for me- I had no idea what to do! I wouldn't let him touch me ( I thought he had some form of puppy cooties!) and Mum was careful not to stress me out too much as she know that added stress can cause us Great Danes to bloat.
But it took all of four days to go from this... THIS (sorry for the bad photo quality it was taken on Mums rubbish phone!)
I hate to admit it, but I think I'm going to like helping my little brother grow up.Dante and Daisy Boo are enjoying having a little one around too, Dante for the cuddles and Daisy Boo for the bitey face games!
 We are getting a rather big pack of doggies now, so Mum is very careful to keep up all aware of what we can and can't do, I'm still a baby myself so I had to have some warnings from Mum to not to be too rough with my little brother- I am getting better, I just don't realise how big I am! We are all still on the BARF diet, but Baird is getting 4 meals a day while we get two. Mum is also bulking up his meals with Arden Grange dry food which have all the essentials for a growing pup.

Mum keeps the feeding routine the same first, she puts the bowls down, makes us wait, then release us Dante first, then Daisy Boo then me. Now Baird has learnt to sit and wait till he is allowed to eat. As you can all imagine it is hard work for all of us! Baird seems to be having a great time though.

We also got to play in the snow, but that is something to tell you about another day. I'm going to grab some sleep while I can!




  1. Welcome, Baird - you are just so cute, but we think you are going to get to be a big boy very quickly. You have found yourself one wonderful family. Congrats to all.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. OMD! OMD!! Cuteness OVERLOAD!!! Baird, you are gonna have a great time growin' up in that pack! Looks like everyone is gonna be great pals! Yea!!

  3. OH Sampson... BAIRD is CUTE... Like Cute as CHRISTMAS..cute!!

    WELCOME to Blogville Baird. YOU will LOVE IT HERE.

  4. Baird, mom is in LOVES... She secretely wants a great dane because she doesn't think we are big enough!! BOL!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  5. I second what Frankie and Ernie said!! Baird is going to be striking!! He is now so cute--pretty--handsome!!! Getting a puppy is the way to go. I have had only one puppy a German Shepard and he wouldn't leave this fence even if the gate was left open. I have gotten rescue dogs since 84.
    THANK YOU for your visit to my blog!!!
    Zoie had a history of jumping fences and I was working on that with her. She had jumped the fence 5 times before but had stopped and had not jumped the fence for over 3 months until that night that she killed herself!!! It is so sad, I loved her so much and she loved me so very much too!!!

  6. Congrats on the new edition. You guys look like you are already enjoying each other.

  7. OH my C - I love your doggies.. I bet a couple of them would let me ride horsie back on their back. What fun we could have racing with the wind. Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

  8. Oh my goodness oh my goodness. You just sent my MOM over the edge!! Baird is so handsome and cute and all that other stuff. MOM is still gushing over him. I think I told you already my MOM has a very special place in her heart for Great Danes. You made her day.

  9. Baird is sooooooo cute. We are really going to enjoy watching him grow up. We know you guys will teach him all sort of awesome things.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  10. OMD SO CUTE!!! My mommy just LOVES that bitey face photo!


  11. Baird is so cute! You all are cute

  12. what an adorable addition to your family and what a beautiful family portrait!
    wags, bailey

  13. Baird is totally adorable! Welcome little guy!

  14. Welcome Baird - what a cute pup and that last photo of you together - beautiful! What fun you will all have together - woofs and licks from Magic xx

  15. Welcome to Blogville Baird, you are adorable! Looks like he has become one of the family already. Love the ears and crazy face, LOL.
    Have fun with your new brother kids!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  16. Hey Samson great pup-date it is indeed. Little Baird is a cutie and we say a big warm welcome to Blogville. You look like a cool bigger pack already. Pippinpumpkin hated me at first and it took about two weeks before she would even sit on the same chair as me. Peeps just left us to it. Years later we love each other and she is my mum. Have fun in the snow. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  17. Oh law has shouldn't has told us bout Baird cuz my mum is tryin' to get him thru da 'puter screen! Baird is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!
    When I cam here by brudder thoughted I had cooties to and wouldn't come near, we is inseperable.

    I can't wait to watch Baird grow up and learn and try new things....dis is gonna be so much fun.


  18. Oh my I just knew another little playmate was coming to live with you and Baird is soooo gorgeous ! I can see a fun filled future ahead for you the photos especially the last one of the pack, your mum is pretty nifty with the camera!

  19. Welcome Biard
    Your Very Cute and we look forward to following your adventures as you grow up. Once Again your so cute and we hope to see lot's of pictures of you cuteness
    From Milo & Jet

  20. Hello Biard you are adorable,xx Speedy and mum

  21. I take it you have a very large house! Deccy x

  22. How are you not constantly overdosing on adorable in that household?! :) Welcome Baird!! Handsome and sweet. Can't wait to read more about your introductions to new things and your new role as baby brother!

  23. Oh that is just beautiful, that little puppy chubby tummy. I miss that, they grow so quick..Please get us loads of photies :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  24. Sampson....
    Oh, what a cutie!! Welcome to the family, Baird.... And this Blogging community!! ;op
    Love, Raelyn.... Plus Rose, my BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE "Mystery Dog"!!

  25. Oh Baird is sooooooo incredibly cute, he looks just like me only really, really big! I'm oh so glad to see that everyone is getting along with eachother great in their own ways, like Dante giving Baird cuddles (love it) and Daisy with her bitey face games, love the photo of you meeting Baird for the first time and you both sleeping belly up, love the photo of Baird running with his ears up flapping in the wind and I especially love the last photo of you all together as a furry family! Great to meet you (pun intended) Love, Licks and Hugs from your new Furiend Frank XxxxX

  26. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Oh my dog he is so darn cute. Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum, can we get another puppy too? Aww mum says no. What a wonderful time you will all have. We send Baird, smoochie kisses and gentle hugs. Welcome to Blogville little man. Look forward to seeing you grow. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  27. Wow he is so very lovely! Good look with the new puppy, I know getting an ernest really tired me out, but at least the three of you can juggle puppy duties!

    Look forward to seeing him grow up!

  28. Omg what a adorable crew you have! Sampson you are gorgeous my friend, your marking are sooo amazing, I hope to have a great Dane like you! We actually have two that visit our local dog park and I am in love with them. Baird you are sooo cute, who thinks you gonna grow up to be such a big boy. Im glad he has lots of role models to teach him how to grow up and be a big great pal. Looking forward to seeing regular updates on Baird and the rest of the bunch! Hugs Kirby and Lea!

  29. Welcome little dude

    Stop on by for a visit

  30. Hi pups I have something for you,Pop by when you have a minute,xx Speedy

  31. Gaaaaaahhh sooooo cuuuuttteee!!! LOL. Four days huh? Oh, we so miss you too! Baird looks like a wonderful pup. It seems that Dante's having a great time too. Well, we do hope Baird encourages mom to blog more often.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  32. Congratulations! Baird is super adorable!

  33. What a little curry he is!!! Congrats!

  34. What a wonderful family photo there on the end of the post. So you have a new family member. and what a cutie he is too. Love the pictures, love the wrinkly face andlove that you have decided he is aok to keep around.


  35. OMD is this not just the cutest family photo EVER!!! Cant wait to see and hear more. Licks and hugs to your growing pack :)


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