Monday 8 April 2013

Bringing up Baird, 20 weeks later. Happy belated Birthday Boos!

Hello everyone!
Did you know that us Brits complain about the weather? and I mean complain all of the time. Mum says because its so varied, but I think that we just like complaining and are actually big grumpy guts. I mention this because if you can remember in our last post, it was snowing and it was so very cold! Now Spring weather has decided to show up and it is sort of warm, so Mum is complaining that is it warm now and poor Dante is struggling because Mum hasnt gotten round to shaving him yet. Okay, okay Mum doesn't want to trim his coat yet in case the cold snap comes back and he is freezing-bwhahah.  
Baird is still growing like a weed- he is 20 weeks old now, boy
3 o boy does time fly! Mum says he will be as big as me soon, she is joking right? I'm a bit scaredy of dogs that are similar sized to me, but don't tell anyone, maybe when Baird is bigger it will make me brave with big doggies? Baird has been having some one-on-one training with Mum when she can, he is still working on his recall and other basic commands. Such as 'look' which is eye contact, very useful for taking pictures hehehe! 

 He only does it for hotdogs, certainly not for Mum- hot dogs, okay?! He is currently going through that butt-higher-than-front-legs phase that Dane pups have, its pretty funny if you ask me. I went through it apparently, but I don't ever recall it happening.
Daisy Boo celebrated her 3rd birthday on Thursday, she got lots and lots of kisses and cuddles and a special trip to the beach with just her and Mum. It was also Mums birthday on the Friday but we don't care about that- joking Mum! 




  1. Aw, he is so big! Happy birthday, Daisy!

  2. Hi, we're Canadians and we're kind of related in a Commonwealth kind of way. Anyways, we complain about the weather quite a bit too. Actually we're on Canada's west coast (better known as WET coast) and it rains a lot out here. You know, clouds bring in moisture from the ocean, rise up over the mountains and it rains. Oh well. Happy birthday Daisy Boo and don't worry Baird, you'll grow up just fine and it won't hurt at all.

  3. Happy happy birthday Daisy Boo! We complain about the weather too. All the time!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Daisy and Mom!
    Mommy complains about our weather all the time too because it's hot and humid all year round. BOL.

  5. Happy Birthday Daisy. We thought Spring had sprung but yep it is raining today. Where is the good weather? Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Wow I can't believe how big he is - I think he would be bigger than me! I hope Daisy and your mum had lovely birthdays and you all had pawtys and cakes?!!

  7. OMD Baird got BIG! Baird is still such a cutie-pie! I love all of the photos and I love the group photo, its beautiful!
    Happy 3rd Birthday to Daisy Boo! Hope there was lots of lovings and treats your way! It looks like you have all been having a lot of fun but I wish Spring would Sprung already as its still cold here in Wales! Love, Lickls and Hugs from your furiend Frank xxxxxxxxx

  8. LOL! I think everyone complains about the weather. It's a favorite topic in my area, too!

  9. A huge hug! Happy birthday to YOU and Daisy Boo! Hope you both had fantastic birthdays!!!!! You deserve the best!! Have a beautiful day!!!!

  10. You're not far wrong about us Brits complaining about the Weather, Happy Birthday Daisy and Mum to.


  11. That looked like a super adventure!
    Baird is really big now, but he is very clever too - he does tricks and can write his name in the sand!
    Happy Birthday to Daisy Boo!
    Pippa :)

  12. Happy Happy Birtday Daisy!!! Such a purty gurl!!
    Baird is gettin' HUGE! I am really impressed with the sit...I tend to go into the sloppy sit!
    I thinks your beach adventures look absoutely FABulous guys! I wish I could tag alongs..

  13. Happy Birthday Daisy!

    Stop on by for a visit

  14. Looks like the little guy is doing well! Deccy x

  15. Baird is growing up soo much!! This is such a gorgeous family photo. It blows my mind how you make these amazing pictures!

  16. Happy Birthday Daisy Boo! Beautiful pictures of you all - and Baird looks like he's doing great at the training - woofs and licks from Magic xx

  17. Boo!!! Happy Birthday to you!!!

    Baird, you're looking great. I bet you'll be as tall as Sampy in a couple of months!

  18. Happy Birthday Daisy. Hope you got spoilt sweetie pie. Wowza we LOVE your photo of you all together. You are one good looking family mates. Baird, keep on growing little man and Sampson we're sure you won't be scared of your little brother even if he grows bigger than you hehe. Oh, and Happy Birthday to your mum too!! Take care everybuddy. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  19. Happy Belated Birthday Daisy-Boo and your Mom :D Glad the weather warmed up so y'all could have a play day at the beach!
    Baird sure is getting Big fast!

    Waggin at ya,

  20. Happy Birthday, Daisy Boo!! I like your "beachy" present...I hope I get that for my birthday!


  21. You're so right to have hesitated over the coat-clipping: we thought April would be fine for our own Boo so, particularly because our groomer has to be booked months in advance, we went ahead with the clipping. Totally wrong thing to do: she spent the first night with her 'spring look' shivering and trying to get into bed with me because she was so cold. In the end she had to be tucked into her own bed with an extra fleece ~ just like a child. Next Spring we will certainly be more wary of these longer lasting winters! Great blog and lovely photos :-)

  22. Hi guys pop by when you have a minute,I've just given you and award,xx Speedy


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