Sunday 18 September 2011


I thought I'd get this blog under way by introducing everyone. My names Sampson, or 'Nana Face' as my mum calls me...I don't really know why. I'm a harlequin Great Dane and I've just turned 5 months old, mum says I'm going to be bigger than most doggies when I'm older and I have to be very well trained and be a good boy, so when I'm bigger I won't hurt or scare other doggies! Which means lots of rules for me, which I think is rubbish! :(

Any way, I live with my big brother and sister Dante and Daisy Boo.

 Dantes has been with our family the longest, he's just over 3 years old and despite looking like flat coated retriever, he is infact a Labradoodle, which my family got from a farm not too far away near Scotland.

Even though he's massive, Dante has a heart of gold and wouldn't hurt a fly, except he tells me off when I don't do what mummy says! 

See, what a meanie! :(

Daisy Boo is my partner in crime because shes only 18 months old, shes also a Labradoodle, all the way from Southampton! Isn't she pretty though?

My mum calls us the terrible two as its always us that cause the trouble! :)
Me and my big sister Daisy Boo, although I'm bigger than her now at 5 months! She still manages to beat me a wrestling though!

Me and my big bro and mentor Dante. 
Mum says we are very lucky because we live both next to the sea and this big mountainy place called the 'Lake District' so we always get a great walks every day with lots of new things to sniff and roll in! 

Although we get lots of good walks mum is careful not to over exercise me as too much can be bad for big doggies like me when we are growing up.

I hope you all enjoy reading our first proper post.  Sampson xxxx

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