Monday 26 September 2011

Dusk at the beach

Now its getting to the end of September and the nights are drawing in we have less daylight to play with! :(
Mum took us to our favourite beach again and we have a lake to play in now :)

We had SO much fun, the zoomies in the fresh water were making us all silly.

See?! I'm getting fast enough to nearly catch Daisy Boo now, although mum says if I ran properly rather than bounce I might be faster. Hmph, what does she know? Bouncing is much more fun!

  Me and Dante had a good play in the water, although he was obsessed with his 'ball' again today, look at me trying to make him wrestle! He told me off again after a while, big grump.

See? There is  that stupid ball again, they just wanted to chase it around, I was far too busy bouncing.

HMPH! My reaction to that ball!

Mum always laughs at Daisy Boo when she gets wet because she looks so scruffy! I don't think she cared though, she even had some zoomies with me.

Catch me if you can!

Me and Daisy Boo had a good race round the sand dunes, Dante was too lazy and just sat watching us. I just think he was jealous he couldn't keep up with us both and didn't want to embarrass himself ;) The sun was going down so mum said we couldn't stay much longer but she took us down to the beach for one last run.
Remember the mountains that she said you could see on a nice day? Well they were out! It was very beautiful.

The beach was completely empty so mum said we can have an extra 10 minutes because we were being so good, me and Daisy Boo found a slipper and took it in turns running around with it! Mum was too busy getting pictures of the mountains to notice I had take a tissue from her pocket and I was shredding that all over the beach. She didn't mind too much, she was happy with the photos she got though, what do you think?

I was so tuckered out from my big walk that I fell asleep for aaaages, I only woke up when mum had dinner, she didnt give me any left overs though! :( She then made me pull silly faces in the camera box she has, I was trying to sleep and she was laughing at me, what a meanie. I forgave her though, I did get a supper of raw eggs, yum yum!

Till next time, Sampson xxx

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