Friday 16 December 2011

Snow snow and more snow!

Hey everyone, guess what? We had SNOW today, and its my first experience of it- I didn't understand what it  was a first, it was like rain- but worse! But Dante and Daisy Boo showed me how much fun it could be- they got the silly zoomies and started running round and round the garden, so I soon joined in :)
Mum came home for lunch early so we could have a good play in the garden before it got too cold again. She went camera crazy again-

Mum like the last one- I'm doing my silly "oh my gosh what is this white stuff its freezing dance" and Dante is pulling his "what is that spotty idiot doing face". The sun came out though and the snow started to go all slushy and wet. But that didn't stop us playing and having cold but wet fun- haha! Mum kept shouting at Dane because he was being silly and kept lying down in the snow- he must have been freezing, what a nutter.

Get up Dante you fool!

After our adventure in the garden we had a big bowl of hot tea each to warm us up because our poor feet felt like there were going to fall off! Grandma then took us for a biiiiig walk in the afternoon which was even more fun :)



Hope your all counting down to Christmas!


The Gang


  1. Looks like you had loads of fun. Wish I could play with you all! Deccy x

  2. Hey there Sampson and friends! I like running in the snow too! We haven't had much snow since the first storm we had a few weeks ago, but BRRRR it is FREEZING out! Hope you have a great Christmas, and get tons of treats and toys. See you later..Luke the Greatest Dane

  3. Sampson, we are so jealous of your snow. How we would love to do zoomies with you! All we have been getting is rain and that makes mud. The Momster doesn't like it when we do zoomies in the mud.

    We hope younall have a wonder and happy holiday!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Hiya Sampson..yeah I was in England then and played in the snow too!..The snow didn't last very long did it.. but it was fun for a first time snow intro..Pictures in the snow really suit you, make you look even more handsome. xx


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