Thursday 8 December 2011

Happy Dogmas!

FINALLY, we got mum to get her butt online and get bloggging again, shes blaming this thing called 'Chritsmas' for being so busy. We think shes just busy, but don't worry she has been reading all your posts, but she hasn't had time to write on them all yet :)

Anywaaaay...its nearly dogmas! Its my first one, although Dante and Daisy-Boo says its tonnes of fun, and we even get special treats on xmas day! To get me in the festive spirit Mum took me to a Christmas market all decked up in this stupidity!

Seriously, don't I look ridiculous? My red scrunchie is full of bells, so I even jingle like a reindeer when I walk. Lots of people where taking picture of me, which made me even more embarrased- humph, thanks mum!

Mum would have taken more pictures but it was so busy and she was concentrating on all the yummy food stalls there was that she forgot. She did dress Dante up when we got home, he was as impressed as I was...even Daisy Boo laughed at him!

We are going to make Mum use this thing more often, shes looking forward to reading all your Christmas adventures.



  1. Parents have an awful lot to answer for don't they.... but you do quite cute... in a manly sort of way, obviously! Deccy x

  2. Howdy Everybuddy, yes we have been through the antlers too. Sampson, you still look dignified even with the antlers, you too Dante. Daisy Boo, did you get caught as well? No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  3. Ah yes, we see you all got the antler treatment too:) Mom has those scrunchies for us too, but we think they are hidden in a big box in the basement. She can't lift anything heavy because of her broken arm so maybe we will escape those this year.

    Good to see you again, and thanks for stopping by our blog.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Crisp mas be really exciting and fun, you will like it! I hate those hat thingies they try to put on us too!


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