Thursday 16 February 2012

Awards, tagging and a Valentines date

Hello everyone, we hope you all had a great Valentines Day!

Sampson and Daisy-Boo didn't get dates, Mum says its because they are too young, but I on the other hand got myself a date with a stunning older lady, Rosie the poodle. Isn't she gorgeous? 

She belongs to Mums very good friend and Mum says she has know Rosie for nearly 11 years!
I think we make a very good couple, don't you?

Anyway, we have to give a big thanks to Haopee (please go visit her amazing blog!) who has both tagged and given us an award.

So first here is the Kreativ blogger award:

Now I'm required to say something creative about us and that is a tough one!

1.Sampson and Daisy-Boo like to take it upon themselves to do a bit of interior decoration from time to time..
Apologies for the photo quality, Mum only had her mobile at the time .
and yes that is a shredded blanket, clean washing all over the floor and a very broken coffee table!
2. Mum has taught us a few tricks, between us we know; paw (give left paw) , other one (give right paw), Oof (speak), crawl, lie down, kiss, spin (turn clockwise), twist ( spin counter clockwise), sit, leave it, wait, back, up, touch (follow my hand), whos that?, go git 'em (guard the door), high-five, hup (sit on haunches)
and go get your ball.  She's trying to teach us to clean up our  toys when we are done...we don't seem to be very good at that one though, BOL!
3. Mum has just graduated from University in Aerospace Technology with Pilot Studies (sounds gobbeldy-goop to me!)
4. Mum volunteers at the local kennels as a dog walker.
5. She's had many different pets too, along with us doggies she has had rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, fish, giant snails, a horse then even a pigeon or two!

Now, on to the tagged questions, lets see:

1.Describe yourself in 7 words:
Dante: Lazy, clumsy, placid, patient, happy, lovable and constantly waggly.
Daisy-Boo: Bossy, talkative, sensitive, shy, scruffy, protective and smart.
Sampson: Lanky, uncoordinated, in the way all the time, cuddly, Mummy's boy, clown and bouncy.

2.What keeps you up at night?
Dante: Nothing I could sleep forever, Sampson does annoy me when he jumps on me in the morning.
Daisy-Boo: Everything..oh what is that? Who's there? There's some one outside, everyone wake up!
Sampson: When I forget how big I am and I roll and fall of the bed, ouch!

3. Who would you like to be?
Dante:  Do I have to do more things if I am someone else?....that sounds like too much effort for me.
Daisy-Boo: Still me, but with less facial hair.
Sampson: Oooh..erm..Superman...or Underdog, no wait, Batman!

4.What are you wearing right now?
Dante: My massive fur coat...although I could say I'm in the buff.
Daisy-Boo: Ooh erm... awkward..but I'm naked right now.
Sampson: Mum's hoody! ( I get cold easy)

5.What scares you?
Dante: Not much, I'm quite a chilled out dude.
Daisy-Boo: The world in general, argh is that a hoover?! Is that something being dropped on the floor? Eeee!
Sampson: When Mum leaves the house, don't be gone too long!

6. The best and worst parts of blogging.
The Gang: The best part is definitely meeting all our new friends, the worst part is trying to find the time to get round everyone's blogs.

7.The last website I visited.
The Gang: Haopee's of course!! :)

8.What is the one thing you would change about yourself?
Dante: Change? Would that be a lot of effort?
Daisy-Boo: My beardy face :( and maybe I would like to be not as much as a scared-y cat as I am!
Sampson: I do wish I had a little more coordination.

9.Slankets, Yes or No?
The Gang: Can we play with it?!

10.Tell us something about the dog who tagged you is such a great blog her posts are always full of life, varied and such a blast to read. We are so glad we found her blog!

We tag anyone who fancy doing it!
Mum has to apologies, she is trying to get round everyone's blogs, but there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the weeks lately, don't worry she will though.



  1. Congrats on your awards and very nice sharing of info. We love learning more about our friends. We didn't have any Valentine dates either, unless you count Mom and Dad:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara and Lightning

  2. Congrats on your award. I love the way you decorate your room.

  3. Haha. Daisy Boo is a like a scaredy cat... don't tell her I said so... she might get offended.

    Dante's the one oozing with confidence and Sampy is and will be the forever clown.

    Great share mom. And thank you for the compliment.

    I love reading about your three darlings. I want to volunteer in a kennel too but we don't have one here. Sigh!

    Huggies and Cheese,


  4. Sounds like you had a great Valentine's Day! I was a great Q & A. I have given you another award, the Leibster Award. You can check it out on my blog February 17th blog post.

  5. Happy Valentine's Day! A little late! Always good to learn more about our blog friends!! Have a great weekend!!! Looks like you had a blast on the day you broke the table! BOL! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  6. Congrats on your awards. That picture of the interior my!

  7. Great post! I love to learn more about my friends! Love the hoodie!

  8. Well done on your award! Love the interior decoration photo, excellent work!
    Greta to learn more about you all.
    Have a great weekend
    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  9. Congratulations on your award! Great interior decorating too :-) and love the picture of you in your Mum's hoody Sampson - good to read more about you all - woofs and licks from Magic xx

  10. Congrats on your award! Loved reading your answers to the questions !
    I used to be into interior decoration too.... should post pics sometimes!


  11. Hi Y'all,

    Great read! Congratulations on your award!

    Just stopped by to catch up on your happenings and say hello! Have a great week!

    Y'all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  12. Rosie is lovely and your Mum's friend does some beautiful pictures. Glad to hear your Mum is going to Crufts - Leigh will be there on Saturday 10th March - do you know when your Mum is going? Maybe they could say hello :-)


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