Tuesday 4 October 2011

My little operation!

Hello again!
Well I'm not in the best of moods, mum took me into the vets yesterday, and I came out missing something, although I can't figure out what, but I've got these things called 'stiches' which are SO itchy but Mum says I'm not allowed to lick!

She doesnt like the big stupid plastic cones they put on us doggies, they make us so unhappy, so if we get operations she just puts big t-shirts on us so we can't lick our itchy bits!
What do you think?

They are so comfy and are doubling up as my winter pjs! Till I grow out of them of course ;)
But mum has to tie them up when I go to do my 'business' ;)
Yesterday was rubbish, I didnt even get to go on a walk! Because i had surgery....surgey smergery! I missed my walk!! I did get to have a tug of war though! :D

Googly eyed!
Dante even came and looked after me at night time, hes not such a big grump after all ;)

Today Mum said I could go for a walk, not one with my brother and sister though, only a rubbish lead walk round the park, I still had fun though, even though I'm not allowed to exercise too much, stupid itchy stitches!
I had to wear my winter jacket today because the weather has suddenly turned cold!
Keeps me toasty and warm....its all fleece lined, bring on winter!!

Even though I was full of beans, Mum says I must be good, so I waited for her to go through the front door first:

She took me to the park and we sat and watched the world go by for a bit, then we had to come back because it was getting dark too quickly!

As you can see, I'm quite good on the lead, mum won't let me go on if I pull on the lead even slightly! Hmph! Sometimes i just want to go! She says I need to be at my best behaviour at all times even as a puppy because when I'm big...ger I will be easy to control and not naughty!

Hopefully I will be able to talk about my next adventures as soon as I get my stitches out! In the mean time check out Dantes silly face he was doing! Plus Daisy Boo and mum might be hiking up a mountain next week which should be good to blog about.

Heee! Till next time, Sampson xxxx


  1. I love this post! And I'm with you - I don't like those cones after surgery. What a great idea to put a shirt on!


  2. Heheh thanks! Yeh we hate them too :)


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