Wednesday 4 January 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday. Puppy Photos!

Hello everyone.
Mum thought she would share something a bit different for a change, considering we have been having such bad weather we haven't been able to get up to much besides a mad walk in the gales!
So heres some photos from our youth, well Dante and Daisy-boo's anyway, I'm still in mine ;)

First here's Dante...he look a little dumbstruck on these!

Come on, let me off the lead- you know you want too!

Then Miss Daisy-Boo...
Daisy-Boo on the 8 hour car journey home - she slept almost  all the way back

Then before she got the beard of hers!

Bossing Dante Around!

Then its time for a few hours old ..

Then me at 3 weeks old, it was the first time I met mum , it was love at first sight!

I learnt very quickly that Dante and Daisy-Boo were so much fun to beat up, although they didn't seem very impressed, I still beat them up now, but Daisy- Boo always wins, its not fair! :(

I hope your all settled in to the New Year and your keeping to your resolutions...Mum diet has failed immediately, but Dante is still on his. We are looking forward to all your blogs and stories for 2012.



  1. We LOVE puppy pics - weren't you all just so cute! and of course, now you still are!!!

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. Still as cute as ever. Cuddlie cute.

  3. How adorable you all were. I can't believe the size of Dante at three weeks...OMD!! That is amazing!! Very cool pics.

  4. What cute pupsters you all were!

    hope the weather improves soon. We have a rumbly sky, but don't know if any rain will follow.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. Hi Everybuddy, we just love baby photos. You were all so very cute. We love you all. Funny how the youngest in the family is now the biggest!! Reminds us of a couple we know hehehe. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  6. just can't beat puppy piccies. You were all just so puppalicious!

    Hope you manage to keep your paws on the ground in these horrendous winds!

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  7. Those are great pics of the three of you when you were tykes :D

    Followin your tails,

  8. Lovely lovely photos. How could it not be love at first sight Sampson, you were so adorable.
    Toodle pip!
    Bertie (it's been too windy here too).

  9. You all made such cute puppies! I wouldn't worry about Daisy winning, Girls always win, it like a law or something.

  10. I love that picture of you at three weeks! Definitely love at first sight!

  11. Oh those puppy pics are the BEST!

  12. Those puppy pics are soooo sweet!

  13. Wow, great puppy pics! Although Sampson is the best looking one. In our opinion. But then we may be biased just a little bit :)

  14. Thanks for droppin' by our bloggie. always nice to meet new furiends. We have a good furiend, Wizard, who is a goldendoodle. He took Bart to the beach in October and we posted about it in November. Mom secretly wants a grate dane puppy. Shhhh...

    -Bart and Ruby

  15. Thanks for visiting my blog. Have loved looking at yours too - and such cute puppy photos :-) Love from Magic xx


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