Thursday 27 October 2011

6 months on......

Mums laptop has been broken, hence the lack of activity, but its fixed now! :) 
She hasn't take many photos but she took some in the garden today to celebrate my 6 month old 'birthday'. She said it feels like I've been with her FOREVER. I don't know if she means that in a good way or a bad way!
We got some more 'family portraits' of us so she can see how much we are all changing...and we were being quite good at posing...although it took a lot of patients for mum to keep us all sitting pretty. 

Sorry we don't have anything more interesting to post, but we have a fun adventure planned for this weekend you may all enjoy, plus I've learnt a new trick. :)

Here are some 'outtakes' from our photo session...
  Where me and Dante decided to have a wrestle!....

....then Daisy-Boo ruined a nice one by having a biiiiiiiig yawm!

Ah well, least I posed nicely for them all, well ..............almost ;)

Till next time!
 Slobbers, Sampson xxx


  1. Hi Guys!! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today. We now are following you!! We look forward to your adventures :) yall are adorable!

  2. Great photo's guys... looking forward to hearing some of your tales :)

    Deccy x


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