Monday 17 October 2011

A day up the Fells

Hello everyone, Daisy Boo here. As you know we live near this amazing place called 'The Lake District' and its full of many beautiful walks, there's loads of mountains or 'fells' as they are known here and the name suggests, lots and lots of lakes!
So yesterday me and my human went for a hike in the range called the 'Furness Fells'
The fells are the ones in the background, picture from wikipedia. 

And this is the long route we took, its around 8 miles and it took us just over 6 hours! We had lots of stops and pinics though. If your wondering why Dante and Sampson didn't come its because Dante has a bad leg and it would be too much exercise for little growing Sampson. :)

Hope the arrows are clear enough, mum wasn't very good at making it ;) So we parked in a car park next to the path and set off to this:

I had to wear my halti for the hike because there was loads of dangerous places for me to trip and fall, so my mum wanted complete control over me. I didn't mind though :) We found the remains of a very old miners house on the way up, it look like a 'carin' or a marker but it wasnt.
Imagine how amazing it would have been to live and work up here? The slate mine is all but closed up here now. Mum made me pose by a little waterfall. I didn't want to pose I wanted to walk!

Lets go!

 Nope....more posing for me! We got right up to the waterfall, it was beautiful but very loud!

I had a drink and the water was refreshing, but FREEZING!!!!!

I had to cross the scary bridge, but mum was patient with me and eventually I was a brave girl and did it all by myself :)

Heres a scary cave that was too dark to go down, so mum stuck her camera in a took a picture instead, isn't it  spooky? She then naturally had to get one with me by the cave!

 And then one of me a little further on.......

Then even one of me walking!

You can see how far we have walked so far below us on the picture, we weren't even half way yet, so a break was called for :)

Phew! We had some biscuits and we were raring to go! We got to a place called levers water,which was so clear you could see right to the bottom.  

It started raining, but that didnt dampen our spirits, we had mountains to climb!!

Bring it on! :D

We went round the tarn, then took a steep path up the mountain..and we climbed higher....
....and higher....

Until we couldn't see it anymore!
 The cloud base started to drop even further, so things got a bit chilly, but with all the walking we were doing we were warm enough. Mum made sure I was alright all the time, lots of biscuits for me and her to keep our energy up!

 We were over 1500ft above sea level at this point, and visibility wasn't so good, didn't stop me posing for a picture though, plus guess what we could see?

 The top!!!  We couldnt wait to get up there and have a break and look at the amazing view...we were hoping the clouds would have cleared by then.

 But this is the only view we got before the clouds came back! Below is a Seathwaite Tarn, it was a loooong way down, I guess now I can see why I needed the Halti!

It was so wild but beautiful at the same time, I was being a brave girl even though it was REALLY windy and there was a shear drop on the right to me!

We walked for about half a mile along the ridge, then the cloud cleared long enough for us to see our next destination  Dow Crag! It's 2552ft above sea level, another big climb for us.

Me looking at Dow Crag

I fell in a boggy patch and got one paw dirty, mum found it hilarious, I didn't, how would she like one dirty foot?!

We even made a friend :)
The clouds cleared on the way down, so we got some nice photos of the fells!

We then got a good look at our last climb, Coniston Old man, which is the highest in the range at 2634ft.

Dow Crag, we had just climbed.

It was getting cold so mum put my special 'snood' on to keep my delicate ears warm...I look stupid I know. 

I keeps me warm though, and my ears felt like they were about to fall off so I was glad for it! :) FINALLY we made it to the top of the Old man of Coniston! I felt very proud of my self. 

Mum made sure she got a photo of me and the Carin..the very top point of the mountain! It was good look that the clouds cleared when we got to the top so we had a nice view to sit and relax for a bit and watch, if you look below the water furthest away is the Levers Water, see how far we walked!?

 Below is Coniston town and Coniston water.

Plus on the way down we got to see more of the disused slate mine, cool huh?

When I got back to the car I had a deliscious meal of Tripe, Rice and Chicken and I slept all the way home and all last night, I was happy to see Dante and Sampson again though, mum says Sampson can come for a walk with us when he gets a bit bigger, but for now its just me with her on the hikes! :) Hope you enjoyed reading our adventure, it will be back to all three of us next time.

Till next time, Daisy Boo xxx


  1. Awesoome!! Which camera did you use? Such clear pictures! Your photos are always SO good, you capture so many good moments. I laughed so much at the one where Daisy has one black foot, her face is all confused and bewildered!! :D

  2. Hi there, thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Wow that's some hike! I doubt I would make it that far, me being built for speed and not distance... I have a snood too and they are great for keeping my neck and ears warm, I don't care if it does look silly.

    Looking forward to getting to know all of you

    Deccy x

  3. Hi Everybuddy, wow what a fabulous place to go for a walk. Your scenery is amazing. Hope you are all well. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory


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