Sunday 9 October 2011

Sitting Pretty and Feeling Better!

First things first, I got a bit ill after my operation, I got a fever and had to go to the vets to get medicine and have injections :( I spent about 3 days solid sleeping with my pjs and my little penguin toy, and my mum got really worried but I'm back to my usual tricks today! I even ripped up a whole toilet roll to show I was feeling better :)
So I got my first walk off my lead in almost a week today, it wasn't long but I did have a chance to burn off all the excess energy I had built up doing nothing! I went up the special dog friendly wood, with Dante and Daisy Boo and even though it was a bit cold and drizzly I had such a fun time I even met some of my wogglie friends to play with! When we got home mum gave my bit where my stitches are to keep it nice and clean then we all got a tea of Pasta, mince and green beans, yum yum! Mum didn't take many pictures today but she got a nice close up of us all!

Like Butter wouldnt melt.....

Before we went for our walk mum was trying to get a 'family portrait' of us all sitting pretty....she had to have a few attempts before she got a good one!
 She said I ruined this one by yawning!

And this one by doing my 'doggy yoga'

Eventually she got some good ones she was proud of!

I'm not even 6 months yet and I'm already bigger than my brother and sister, which my mummy says is funny because they aren't small dogs at all in fact there are both classed as 'large breed' themselves. :)
Before I go Daisy Boo just wanted to show everyone our toy box!
 Its full of everything we could want, from balls to bones to kongs and tug toys! Although we generally tip it over and play with everything at once! :)

Right, I'm pooped! Night night all, Sampson xxxx


  1. Awww bless you Sampy-sana! Glad you're feeling better now. You look sooo sweet in your white jumper and with your lil penguin toy! And I love the header you've made for the blog!!!!

  2. Hello guys - nice to find you and visit your blog...never a dull moment in your household eh? Looking forward to your speedy recovery and following your blog. Aroofs from the South of France..PS Sampson you look very comfy in your PJs -and you were a very good sport to do a photo shoot whilst feeling tired. Ridgeback Girl Zola xxx

  3. Hello Everybuddy, we found your blog from Dogs with Blogs and thought we would come and visit. We are a great dane pup called Rory (14 weeks) and a cocker spaniel pup called Stella (23 weeks). Nice to meet you. We look forward to hearing more about your adventures. See ya.
    No worries, and love, Stella and Rory


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