Monday 31 October 2011

"There is nothing more affectionate than a wet dog"

Heya everyone!

It wasn't raining today (makes a change :) ) So mum took us for a different kind of walk to our usual off lead romp we get. We went for a day out at a place called Conishead Priory, which is a buddist temple and college with lots of nice walks for us to go round.

Theres an old estate house where we started and we took a path through all the woods, it looked very pretty with all the fallen leaves. We then came across a pet cemetery which mum thought was very sweet, but it was spooky to us, it is howloween after all!

 We followed the path further..and further..and further..( we had to be our leads out of respect for the lovely gardens) and mum said to be patient, so we walked a little further..unitll.....

 Now people say Great Danes aren't supposed to like the water that much, but I love it! Mum says it must be because we live at the seaside and both my brother and sister are bona fide water doggies, so I didn't really have a choice ;).
So we were let off our leads and had had a bit of fun...
Don't worry mum only lets us play with water logged stickies, so we won't hurt ourselves on them. 

Argh! It's cold!!!!
I'm gonna get you Dante....

......take that!!!!


We were very tied after our big swim and we started walking back to the car, but on the way mum said she was hungry so we went to the little cafe the priory has, but because we were doggies we all had to sit out side with mum. I was getting a bit cold so my grandma lent me her jacket to warm me up, because she said she was too warm for it...i think i quite suit it, what do you think?

People who walked past were commenting on how funny I looked, I didn't look funny at all, I thought I could start a new doggy fashion statement for this winter, I was certainly warm.

On the way back to the car we found 2 things...this deer in the woods which scared Daisy-Boo:

It had no ears or legs, but me and Dante were brave doggies and weren't scared of it!!!
We made one last stop off on our way back to the car, a lovely buddist temple, with a gold leaf roof

Doggies arent allowed inside, but we were allowed outside, so we got a nice photo of me by the temple...

But mum wanted to look inside the temple, so we had to be good doggies and wait with my mummys brother while she did! 

She didn't take any photos inside, but she did say it was very pretty and serene and that us doggies definitely would have ruined that peaceful atmosphere! :( Humph! We can good when we want to be...honest! Heres one last picture of us all staring at the temple, even if we didnt go it we had a lovely day regardless :)

Till next time


  1. That first picture made me smile, yall are such good pups! Oh wow that water must have been cold!!! Looks like a blast though.
    That temple is very pretty - what a beautiful place to visit- thanks for sharing :)

  2. What a beautiful place for a peaceful walk. AND THEN you get to that glorious beach. We don't live near any beaches, but oh how we would love to visit one.

    You all look like you had a great day.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. Wow! That was totally a gigantic adventure. I am so envious of you liking the water sports because it is good for full sized doggies to exercise in the water. Me? I will only go in my wading pool.

    How kind of your human to lend you her jacket to take the chill off. You look very sporty and proper.



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